Lingüística empresarial

Transcription, content creation, proofreading, localization and translation services, text editing and post-editing, interpreting, online and in-company language courses, US visa processing and CAT tools training for professional linguists.


Our professional services cover everything from translation quotation, planning and execution to final delivery.


Our team guarantees that every text is perfectly spelled, grammatically and stylistically correct before publishing.


Do you need to bridge the language gap with your customers and leads? Expand your business, no language limits!

US Visa Processing

At BizLingo, we can assist you in the visa application process. We complete the forms, pay the fees, and manage the appointment process. We also offer all the information about the procedure and supporting documentation to present at the interview.

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With more than 15 years of individual experience and a career dedicated to delivering translation services, Eugenia Bartolomé, Cecilia Alarcón, Belén Petruccio and Verónica Yuri set up the company on April 30, 2019, aiming to provide linguistic support to companies and professionals in the region. They currently offer translations into English, Portuguese and vice versa, but their goal is to expand the range of languages, according to the needs of a hyperglobalized world and to the demands of local companies that rely on foreign trade.

“A good quality communication reaches more people. We must not leave room for error or ambiguity, but rather be clear.”


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